Rice University
Department of Physics & Astronomy

Condensed Matter Seminars
2002 – 2003

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Where: HZ 116
When: Mondays at 4:00 p.m.

Date Speaker Topic Links
September 16, 2002 Prof. Michael Deem
Rice University
The Curse of Original Antigenic Sin: Localization
in Antibody Sequence Space
September 30, 2002 Dr. Eugene Pivovarov
Rice University
Non-Conventional Metals abstract
October 31, 2002
(Thursday, joint CM/AMO)
Dr. Fei Zhou
ITP, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
Quantum Condensates And Mott Insulating States of Spin One Bosons abstract
November 4, 2002
(in HZ210)
Prof. Bertrand Halperin
Harvard University
One-Dimensional Metals in Theory and Experiment abstract
November 18, 2002 Prof. Alex Rimberg
Rice University
Real-Time Electron Dynamics in a Quantum Dot abstract
December 2, 2002 Prof. Kathryn Levin
University of Chicago
News from the High-Tc Front: Superconductivity as Bose Condensation abstract
December 9, 2002
(at 1:30 p.m.)
Prof. Andrey Chubukov
University of Wisconsin at Madison
Can Superconductivity Emerge Out of a Non-Fermi Liquid? abstract
February 28, 2003
(Friday, at 11:00 a.m.)
Prof. Andrew J. Fisher
University College London
Quantum Computing in the Solid State: the Challenge of Decoherence abstract
March 10, 2003 Prof. Mark Eriksson
University of Wisconsin at Madison
March 17, 2003 Prof. Subir Schdev
Yale University
March 31, 2003 Prof. Elbio Dagotto
Florida State University
Clustered States in CMR Manganites and Other Compounds abstract
April 14, 2003 Dr. Alexei Tsvelik
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Exact Solution of Tomographic Luther-Emery Model abstract
April 21, 2003
(in SS 337, at 2:30 p.m.)
Dr. Karl Berggren
Lincoln Laboratory
Superconductive Quantum Computation: Moore’s Law Meets Schrödinger’s Cat abstract
April 28, 2003 Prof. Sankar Das Sarma
University of Maryland
How To Make Semiconductors Ferromagnetic: A First Course in Spintronics abstract

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